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Belinda Song
Founder | CEO

Belinda Song, former Senior Vice President of the Transcontinental Lending Group, currently Founder & CEO of Belaire Private Capital, has offered independent consultation to real estate investors and developers since 1998, and has funded numerous acquisitions, developments and construction projects throughout the US.

With over 24 years of experience in the private capital arena, she has access to investment funds in both equity and debt to finance your projects. Belinda possesses a successful track record that speaks for itself, and offers her signature INTEGRITY GUARANTY that warrants no risk, no obligation and no empty promises. As her motto goes, "A word given is a word kept." Adhering to this honorable fundamental attribute, clients can expect desirable rates, excellent terms, efficiency, flexibility, TIMELY CLOSINGS and 100% transparency throughout the funding process.

Her funding circle comprises of hedge funds, family offices, private equity firms, REITs, private investors and non institutional lenders. Backed by seasoned industry veterans in the investment world and utilizing CMBS, Belinda's funding capacity is now more diversified and stronger than ever.

As Belaire Private Capital continues to grow through its success, Belinda steps forward and launches her newest spin-off; Fortune Investment Funds was formed in 2018 and serves as the Venture Capital wing of the firm. The Fund invests in late stage start ups with brands that improve the quality of lives and make the world a better place. 

On the real estate loan origination side, Belinda further enhances her business platform by expanding its lending capacities. Backed by a publicly traded fund in the secondary market, BPC is now a Direct Private Lender for residential investment and commercial properties, empowering real estate investors nationwide and also for Foreign Investors from all around the globe. With this strategic business development, BPC offers a higher level of flexibility in its origination process and extends not only the best service guaranty, but also offers the most desirable rates and terms for its clients.     

As quoted, "I truly favor the elegance and quaintness of boutique buildings and appreciate the intimate allure which lacks from the masses of skyscraper towers." stated Belinda. "While I passionately admire the architectural beauty in all sizes and types of structures, I find it extraordinarily fulfilling to assist the small to mid market developers and investors who can truly benefit from our resources and private funding solutions." 

When not structuring projects, Belinda can be spotted on red carpet events throughout South Florida. The lucky few may find her tucked away in a secluded haven while writing her next best selling novel, or adapting her literature into screenplays. On the creative side, Belinda has four published novels and one movie under her name, as well as a music catalog of over 200 original compositions that is represented by BMI for licensing opportunities. 

If you are serious in creating wealth through RE investments, then call NOW and let us hear from you today. Fortune awaits...

Belinda Song,

(formerly Belinda Elkaim)

Managing Member & CEO

Belaire Private Capital.

Empowering Real Estate Developers & Investors Since 1998. Nationwide USA.

Tel: (786) 440-8189

Email: [email protected]

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