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Fix and Flip/Hold (with conversion to perm option)

Fix and Flip/Hold (with conversion to perm option)

BPC offers Fix and Flip/Hold loans with 'conversion to perm' options for experienced investors.

We use 'future value' and can include the purchase price of the property and up to 100% of the renovation budget.

There is no urgency to sell if the investor decides to keep the property, our loans come with option to convert into long term loan upon completion.

Coming out of a fix/flip? ... Now that the rehab has been completed, if you'd like to hold on to the property and start to collect that lucrative rental income, we can payoff your rehab bridge loan, get you cash out and convert the loan into a 30 years fixed rate *no doc rental loan.* Since we do not use income to qualify, it is okay even if the property is currently vacant!

If you are selling the completed flips, BPC offers excellent investor loans for your buyers, and will give them $500 closing cost credit as incentive to seal the deals.

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